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welcome to xdeck
Hi, we are xdeck! Maybe you know us as the well established accelerator, but did you know we have newly started our very own Venture Capital fund for early-stage B2B tech ventures? Check it out!
we are

the VC fund

Our DNA? Honesty, grit and partnership.
We empower founders to constantly challenge their status quo. How? By being their biggest critic and best counterpart at the same time as thoroughly proven in our accelerator support model.

the accelerator

Our approach? Support from founders for founders. We have a large network of experienced entrepreneurs and strong corporate partners on board, who provide their entire expertise and experience. Everything based on your specific needs and with maximum efficient use of your time.

Forenamics wants to make AI accessible to everyone, regardless of previous knowledge.
Hospichef enables data-driven food management for hospitals, connecting patients, hospitals, and caterers.
SWARM revolutionizes the dog food industry by bringing insects to the Western market with its insect dog food and make the protein supply on this earth much more sustainable
xdeck equals community
Founders of our ventures and accelerator portfolio want to "give it back” and become part of the xdeck community resulting in a strong xdeck network. Amongst start-up founders, and operators, entrepreneurial mentors are innovative (corporate) partners which are all funnelled by an experienced team.